We seem to have this awful habit

Of fighting what’s best for us

Then kicking the dirt

With nasty words

When nothing goes right

We indulge in what we think we want

Think we need

Throw away discipline

Stand shocked among the ruins

We’re our own best enemy

Look at your reflection with bold eyes

Don’t blink away your shame

Raise your defiant, trembling fist

And shatter you to pieces

Be stronger.




6 thoughts on “Dare

  1. It’s funny how the ones who can break and mend us are you and yourself respectively. You can betray yourself by procrastinating, giving up so easily, throw rude words at yourself, push yourself away from others and lose hope in yourself…you can hurt yourself by making the wrong decisions, etc but at the end of the day, it is your very own self (yourself) to decide on how exactly you want life to be. And who wants a gloomy one? Obviously everyone or most people rather would prefer to be happy than sad forever. So you gotta give way to yourself and let yourself fight for YOUR (you + yourself) happiness and well being OK DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT LOL but anyways I hope you get the message! Love your poems so do write more!!!

      • Nahh itsokay! You don’t have too omg you’re just uber sweet but please don’t write something for me bcs I’m so afraid that I can’t return the same favour:/ just keep writing yeah? I’ll always be on a lookout 😊😂👀

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