Born too early our love was jaundice

It’s remained sickly since

We left it out in the sun to heal

But when we came back in

Something was critically wrong

You were burnt and I was not

In a room all alone

You sought to recover

Vice after vice to cool the wounds

I was surrounded

In my radiant ivory perfect skin

By my moon and stars

They sparkle so

My eyes wide open, smiling

I’m enchanted

The one in gold at the masquerade

New bride

with my found glass slipper

You sly fox

You stirred this roost

You tarnished my snow white cheek

With blush

From a whispered “hello…

Remember us?”

Distracted and dizzy

I handed in my card

I glided in circles with you

Until I knew not night from day

Your sun from my moon

Runaway dreams

In my silly girlish way,

I stumbled and grabbed your mask

The sun froze and I sobered

You’re not mine.

You’re not him.


This is fatal.

You’re my cancer.

I can’t keepsake you,

Lock you in my chest,

Save for a rainy day

How foolish

I’m done falling for tricks,

Believing my lies,

Ripping my heart

So hear my vow-

With this knife,

I thee depart.


5 thoughts on “Overdue

  1. I really like this one, as i have loved all of your poetry that i’ve seen thus far. I will say that it seems a bit dramatic and stereotypical in a way that makes it very obvious that this poem was written by a woman (for example, the sentiments about ‘you’re my cancer’ and ‘i’m done’), but then that is a poetic niche which is quite popular since it’s pretty much a statistical fact that more women read poetry than men do.
    Having said that, i love it. So awesome that you branched out there to something a little longer and more emotional.

    • I always love your comments :) Makes sense for it to be dramatic in this case. I’m usually more abstract and clever but I wanted to try to channel some raw feminine pain.

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