I’m sharing this with you because here is a beautiful writer and a favorite blog stalker of mine. Keep stalking me melxdyy, I don’t mind :)


It’s like taking baby steps to hell
Taste failure at the tip of your tongue
Feel it soaked into your skin
This anger for yourself
Stealthy stealing
Beats of your heart
With the means
Of the drips of your blood
And the cracks your skin makes its way
For pressure to be released out
You were so close to reaching the stars
Yet you chose to hang around
These dark clouds engulfing you
Obnubilating yourself
What a mess have you become
And there’s no one left to blame
You knew it’s leading to a dead end
Yet you chose to walk it instead
And it’s your fault
You’ll never heal
This soul so battered and framed
So you cry tears
They ring in sirens
Til your soul rips into flakes

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