Experiment #1

*Dialogue without “he/she said”*

You know there’s always that one bag of m&ms that really messes with your brain. So far I have 7 Brown, 8 blue, 6 yellow, 6 red, 13 orange, and 3 green. A pathetic, whopping three. Green is the name of my game and today the odds seem to be conspiring against me. Sigh, at least Jax will have a good 40 out of the deal. Usually he’s whining and fussing about “how could anyone waste like, 99% of a perfectly good bag of candy” but I don’t see the big deal since he always gets to finish it off for me, the little-


“Hmph, mmm,…what??!”

“You just ate a green one, you freaking ate the green one, what are you thinking dude, you-”

“Chill Kat, I’m sorry! It’s just one!”

Oh I’m really going to kill him.

“Just one out of 3! That’s a whole third of my portion which was horribly skimpy this time by the way, stupid crap bag.”

“Kat. Really. Look at me. Kitty Kat, I solemnly swear I will get you another bag and I’ll use my tried and true Jedi mind trick to find one with at least 10 greenies, ok?”


“I mean it.”

“Then go prove it!”

“Love you”

“Whatever, murderer of happy m&m eating.”


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