8 thoughts on “Personal peak #2

  1. Hello there,

    Dropped by to say hi and also that I do not think you are a robot:)

    Hey, you have got a good choice of words. I would love to read your writing on a specific topic with an extended story line.


    • I’m very glad to hear I’m not a robot (though I wouldn’t mind it if I could have R2D2 as my buddy). I’m actually working on a story now. I’m wanting to make it a novel and actually try publishing so I haven’t posted but a tiny piece on here. But I like your challenge. I will definitely get to it. Got a topic for me?

      • Try this…a young girl in her late teens, wakes up on the beach in some European country (pick any). She cannot remember anything except that she came there vacationing with her boyfriend and her parents do not know about the trip. She cannot remember any of her personal details.

        So you can combine mystery, suspense, romance and the mystique of a foreign country.

        I am not sure if you travelled to Europe before, but if you haven’t chose a location you have been to. OR better yet, read as much as you can about the place you choose and concoct the whole thing! Something no one has done before (I think).

        In 2 minutes, that is all I could come up with. If I think of any other interesting storyline, will let you know.

      • I’ll store this in my mental catalogue of ideas. Right now I’m writing a girl meets guy story that heavily involves music :)

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