7 thoughts on “Blank state

    • Aww thanks! I checked out your blog and spent some time reading and enjoyed what I found. I look forward to more from you :)

      • Thank you so much for reading my work. I’m glad I discovered your blog and writings…there are many blogs that are good on WP, but it is rare to find those where you really connect with the writing. I look forward to reading more :)

      • I agree, it’s hard to find someone that really speaks to you. I started doing this as a way of journaling, not caring who saw it. But now I’ve discovered a few, like yourself, that I thoroughly enjoy reading and chatting with.

      • That’s really interesting to hear why you started your blog. I began mine about 4 years ago as a way to inspire me to write regularly. I have met some interesting blogs and people along the way too…you included :)

      • I have found that the more people I connect with, the more I feel the need to post regularly so, yeah! I feel the inspiration too!

      • Same here! And occasionally, when I write something, I automatically weigh up whether to post it on my blog, or hold it back for the books that I am working on. But there is definitely that slight pressure to post regularly. I think Haiku’s a small worded writes are a great means to keep the work flowing :)

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