Rockville Prom, 2021

My brother is such a genius. Welcome to Rockville Prom ladies and gents. Enjoy.

Tales from the Tome

They’ll never have a prom
like this one again
in Rockville,
circa 2021.
The theme,
chosen by Anna Sindlein,
Senior Class President
whose landslide election
as a write-in choice
came quite by surprise
since she never spoke a word
and kept her nose
in L. Ron’s
‘All About Radiation’
for four years:
was ‘Blood’.
Decorations: Blood.
Food: Blood.
The Band:
a local rock group named Clam
for one night only,
slew their keyboardist
with an ice pick
and were re-christened
As an exercise
in teaching ‘subordination
to government heads’,
the principal
allowed her choices to stand.

The boys,
utterly confused
on what to wear, and how, and why,
and even where,
at the homes of their dates
in Uber-driven cars,
clad in multi-colored pixels
shimmering and flitting about
like a glitch
in a poorly-made video game.
the error
was in Tux.Clothes.jpg,
giving the illusion
of being…

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