The Labor Pains of Writing

Very appropriate to revisit this post since I’m currently struggling to get out a story.

Among other things, J

Writing is painful.

Writing is cruel. It begs an audience and only for the few lucky is there ever any applause. Best case scenario, a friend or family member will read the sentences you practically had an aneurysm to arrange perfectly and offer you some shallow piece of encouragement. But everyone knows the words of the biased don’t count for crap. If anything it sucks more because it feeds all your fears, those lies of incompetency you feed yourself daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner…like a good cereal you keep eating when you need to go to the store for real food. You can’t seriously believe a word of biased opinion because you never quite know it’s true.

But you can’t stop writing just because of that because even though you may get no applause, you avoid having hemorrhoids. Trying not to write when your head is a mass of creative…

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11 thoughts on “The Labor Pains of Writing

  1. Omg love this. Haha i feel the same way.. well maybe not as much 😊 but writing is seriously a job. And the headaches, i dont even drink but after writing a lot I’m good ( or it could be the pot lol) but you’re right, there is so much going on in our heads we have to write it down. I won’t let my family read my stuff knowing what they would say lol. I do hate the waiting game after a post or something.

    • Funny story, I’ve never partied or gotten drunk. I just found the allusion fitting. But yes, sifting through everything in our heads and trying to somehow get it out can feel like torture. Yet we keep at it :) my brother said it’s also like giving birth in the sense that it hurts like hell but once it’s out on paper, you adore it as your baby

      • Haha well from someone who use to and get pretty fucked up you described it perfectly lol. God i must not have maternal instincts, i hate 97% of the things i write lol but i get the point its right.

      • Oh goodness, this morning I went through what I’ve written of my story so far and hated every bit of it. Sigh, stupid insecurities

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