Since I saw you last…

My hair is longer

My waist is smaller

I’ve become a vegetarian

(You’d probably laugh real hard at that one)

I don’t talk as much

I feel harder



Miles away

I still look for you

as stupid as that may be

(but I guess crazier things have happened)

Can’t help but hate you a little

Because I love you a lot



17 thoughts on “Since I saw you last…

  1. Really beautiful piece. It’s a heartbreaking examination of a love that never leaves and the utter hatred it can cause when lost.
    Absolutely beautifully written the aching torment is so very clear!

    1. I really love this one. I’ve been revisiting posts a lot since I haven’t had much time for new. But I wrote something today so I’ll be posting fresh next :)

      1. Well I like your revisits mostly because they’re all new to me. Even when I do know the piece I’m reminded of the awesomeness of it.
        I look forward to new pieces, to be fair I look forward to anything you write πŸ˜„

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