Like it never happened

Every single thing that ever used to be ours-




I gave them away to someone else till I had no memory of us at all.

20 thoughts on “Like it never happened

  1. And for your kind heart’s sake, I am hoping that is safe with the new person. The man who lost it, does not know the world could not buy it back for him, and when he does he would feel crushed, more than you ever would be…

    • I created it to sound like a breakup but actually the inspiration came to me as I thought about friends that, for various reasons, leave your life and thus also leave you with the task to replace them with new ones. And sometimes losing a friend cuts deeper than losing a lover.

      • Very true. I know the feeling. Because you seldom expect anything back from a friend, but with a lover you expect it to be reciprocated.

        Well, I am glad, my earlier statements were rendered void…

      • Ha ha. You are being nice. But again, like I said, I am glad I jumped the gun and that you are fine. This is one time, I was glad I was wrong with my conclusion…

      • True, I’m glad too. Thankfully, I’ve never been the girl crying over a boy. Met my husband when I was 15 and we’ve been glued together since. But I think that sometimes plays into why I’m so curious about the depth of emotion involved with heartbreak. And that’s also why I have to explore unusual paths, such as lost friends, in order to channel a similar feeling.

      • I would strongly recommend you not to. See, it is rare to find an eternal love and like all things in this world, we try to seek what we don’t have and understand it. Sometimes even grief and solitude.

        You are this wonderful little bubble of joy and everything you touch probably turns up bright and cheerful and it should stay that way. Happy people spread their happiness and the other people derive something off of it.

        My humble request is to keep yourself away from thoughts that are even remotely linked to sadness, unless it has indeed affected you. You are that beacon of hope that people around you seek for. So I wish, you would keep to your cheerful, happy self and not explore emotions that you have not or need not have to.

        Humble request again. Thanking God for all the happiness he has given you and wishing it to continue forever, so you can be this ethereal being. :)

        Hope that is not sounding stupid and crazy

      • It’s not stupid or crazy :) But be wise not to assume my life is all smiles and happiness and bubbles. I still do know pain. And I can’t help but want to explore dark feelings because as a writer, that’s sometimes the most inspirational and moving. Having said that, maybe I should make my next post something that reflects a happy moment. The only thing is, when I’m truly happy, I’m not on here writing about it. I’m out there living it. Perhaps that’s why in general you see more blogs about pain than joy. The pained seek solace in words they hope others find but the joyful are out away from here laughing in the company of those that make them smile in person.

  2. She is truly a gift from heaven to brighten the souls of the less fortunate haha. I love you girl. This post reminded me of her. I must say….you are no replacement. Youre the real thing. And that means everything.

    • You’re always saying things that choke me up! I love you too girl :) “you’re the greatest, no one gets it like we do”

  3. Well they say happiness writes white – so I say just change the shade of the paper. I actually frighten myself sometimes….no need to comment!

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