How I met your mother

I’m not a lady hunter kind of bloke, honest. I just like to ease out of work with a beer. But I’m also not particularly blind, so I noticed the girl next to me was staring at the screen without really watching the game. The bar was crowded with guys being guys and here she sat like she didn’t notice. I asked her name and she didn’t even blink. So I took a chance and nudged her a bit. Her eyes never changed when she looked my way but she smiled a wee bit and said hi at least. She offered an apology for being so spaced out, though I don’t know why she thought she owed it to me. I offered to buy her a drink but she only wanted water. Said she was waiting on friends and they appeared. One was obnoxiously loud and over using words. My still unnamed bar girl didn’t look as enthused. I really have no idea why but on impulse I grabbed her hand and asked her girls if I could keep her for a bit longer, making up some shit on the spot about getting her a drink and being in the middle of conversation. They made their assumptions and gave catty looks but they did leave. Bar girl actually gave me a genuine, full mouth smile, and thank you. God, she was gorgeous and I really wanted to know her.  But she went back to just staring at the game because it seemed like what she wanted and what a dick I would be to save her from her friends then harass her all night.


15 thoughts on “How I met your mother

  1. Loving the ‘not particularly blind’ and ‘easing out of work’ lines. Splendid opening….

  2. Pretty funny. I’m left to wonder though, what she was thinking. After she wasn’t really watching the game. So, what was she doing?

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