Mark goes to the market

Mark was fidgeting. He really had no idea where to start. There were displays for 401K, long term life insurance, even preorders for after life care. The store was kind enough to arrange arrow stickers along the floor to lead the way for the best shopping experience, you know, should you be looking for that sort of thing.

A man brushed by on his way to check out. It was Larry from the downtown law firm. Mark raised a hand to salute hello. Larry did as well.

“Hey Mark, good to see you. What are you in for today? I’m picking up a larger house and baby number three! Amber is feeling a little restless since the other two are in school now. I thought it would be a nice surprise to occupy her, make her feel a bigger purpose.”

“Oh you know Larry, just trying to figure out what to upgrade to now.”

Larry gave a laugh and was on his way. Mark envied him and his wallet and fancy life accomplishments. To make progress in this world, you had to pay dearly for it. Mark’s problem was he hadn’t quite figured out how to acquire enough money. But he couldn’t go home empty handed. His wife was counting on him. He walked up to the check out line where there were often lower priced deals such as a family visit to the ice cream parlor, sometimes even car maintenance. After all, even the poorest needed transportation. Browsing, Mark stumbled upon a a bin that was hidden behind a display for fancy sports cars. It was advertised as “free”. Excited, Mark looked inside the bin, ready to grab heaping piles of whatever was inside. It was love. It would have to do.


13 thoughts on “Mark goes to the market

  1. I’d tell Mark to take another look in that bin. I don’t think it’s love in there. I think you’ll find it’s a snake. Called Joe. He curled himself up to pretend he’s pile of love but actually he’s nothing but trouble…Albert told me.

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