Loss of novelty (#1)


there was a time I didn’t know the swoosh hum of a lightsaber, the core values of the Jedi order, or the difference between an X-wing and a Tie fighter. Seven episodes later, I get excited when I hear the Imperial march and Obi Wan hangs out in our Christmas tree. 

Worn off, the novelty may be

But the way I love what you love is not.

AN: I’m going to be posting a series of these “Loss of novelty”. They will be featuring things in my life that may not seem very special now that they are routine habit but originated as very magical moments during the time my husband and I were growing to know each other. I’m only the me I am now because of how he loved the me of back then.


10 thoughts on “Loss of novelty (#1)

  1. Brilliant idea for a series I really look forward to seeing more.
    This one was great! You’ll always win me with star wars. Haha.
    I don’t believe it ever truly leaves you. Though it may be a routine there’s always a spark there’s always something to make you smile even if it is nostalgia. When it comes to star wars I indulge sparingly but I found it in youth so it’ll always be a part of me.
    Of course I do say this sat in a chewbacca dressing gown with my long jedi like hair and beard with my lightsaber mounted to the wall typing a message on my phone with an R2D2 cover…Okay I might be a bigger fan than I think. Haha!!!

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