Scrapbook (#1)

When you’re a spy….

You gather on the couch with a box pizza and mojitos to watch a perfectly gorgeous Charger wreck too many times and feel Fiona’s pain when she wants to watch the world burn and no one will let her.


12 thoughts on “Scrapbook (#1)

      • I’m glad you’re sharing them. It’s so nice to see these little snippets of your life and what makes you smile.
        The fact that you write them so well also helps. Haha.
        I hope your enjoying revisiting these memories. A little nostalgia can be a nice break.

      • I’m in a recapturing youth phase right now less reflection more regressing. Reflection is good, it’s necessary. I won’t speak towards you as I’ll never fully understand but for me coming out of a breakdown and revaluating me life I’ve looked back to remind myself of the things I forgot. These posts will be really good for you and really entertaining for us as readers.
        I’ll need to give the new one a look before I head off to bed!

      • Sometimes I feel like I’m regressing but then I try to think of all the good I have currently, even if it’s little.

      • I know for a fact I am but it’s helping. To use a bad metaphor it’s diving into a trampoline. I can’t stay in the past but if I jump with enough force it can propel me I amazing heights, take my breath away and make me smile.
        I’m sure you have far more good than you can see right now, and a little nostalgia might make it clearer. ❤
        Besides you have an eccentric Scotsman annoying you with comments telling you that your writing is wonderful, there are people that would kill for that.
        Someone actually did once…There’s a restraining order now and I have new locks. Nine year olds can be scary. 😉😄

      • I do indeed wake up and start my day by asking myself, “what would Cameron say?” It’s tough being privileged to know you..all the people stalking me to figure out how I get to you when they can’t. Awfully dangerous. And don’t get me started on the paparazzi..

      • I’m so sorry for the stresses it brings. It’s quite the double edged sword, I know I give you so many smiles but all those savage fans must be terrible.
        Oh I have a trick for the paparazzi… lasers and mirrors. You’ll thank me later!

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