Of hopes and paste

I remember eating a cream pie but I’m almost certain that it did not have lemon in it. Still, something must have set off the bitter sting on my tongue. I crumbled up the paper napkin and drank the last swig of water in my cup as I got up from the table. Tossing the napkin ball into the trash, I went on to the bathroom in hopes that brushing my teeth would help the burn in my mouth. I’ve always preferred brushing with Crest though my roommate in college gave me long speeches as to the superiority of Colgate. And I never understood the appeal of any cinnamon flavored paste. You can’t feel clean and fresh if your mouth is brushed by fire, especially in my current scorched condition. Any matter, brushing my teeth did ease the sour tang but only exacerbated the over all heat. Well then, what more could I do? Resorting to science, I considered if drinking a base such as milk might take care of the nuisance. So I poured a small glass and attempted to swish a bit, forgetting too late just how dreadful milk tasted on a freshly brushed pallet. That lead to a spat in the sink and fresh dose of frustration. Storming back to the bathroom, I opened my mouth in as many directions as my jaw hinges would allow, seeing nothing. Oh but wait, right there. There on my tongue, towards the back a little. Geez, I needed more light. Turning the illuminate function to bright on a little compact mirror from the makeup drawer, I focused in on that speck of something that was the source of my torture. I wasn’t going to be able to get my finger to it without gagging. Taking the tweezers by the sink, I carefully gave the speck a tug and slowly extracted it. Giving a little cough, I blinked at the miniscule object at the end of the tweezers. I had to almost squint to make it out but came to see that the bitter situation was an unanswered prayer.


14 thoughts on “Of hopes and paste

      • It’s up! Called “Sour”. Pesky time zones always have me prowling on here right when you need to snooze

      • Urgh I know! This is what happens when all the awesome people are on the other side of the world from me. I hate the Internet, I was blissfully ignorant and now live in sleep deprivation waiting for the people I want to talk to to wake up. First world problems *sigh* 😄
        btw ‘sour’ is fantastic!

      • Good thing is that our waking hours do overlap a good bit so you should definitely try sleeping more, though waiting on a good comment is a bit like staying awake for a good Christmas.

      • That’s true, there’s a decent overlap but I truly need more sleep. There’s never enough time.
        Ah the good comments do make me smile, it’s not the best idea to wait up for them. I tend to get over excited and stay up longer, inspired to write me.

      • I’ve been working later nights which adds to the problem too. Hopefully soon we can get in a good chat without disrupting your late night

      • Ironically I’ve been on constant late shifts. I don’t get home till half 10 or 11 at night. It steals my blog maintenance time but I’m less stressed/anxious/depressed.
        Yes, well get into a good chat soon. I’m not planning on going anywhere just yet!

      • Oh my dear you will come to regret that. Mwhahaha!!! Oh actually, I might have an insane project to let you in on. I think you might enjoy it so an email might be headed your way soon 😄

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