Scrapbook (#3)

I still managed to win, like I always do, even after that riot of a round where I got the letters mixed up and in a fit of giggles answered “fish” for all twelve categories. You both still swear to this day that I was drunk but it would take a lot more than one glass of sangria to knock me over, boys.


14 thoughts on “Scrapbook (#3)

    • Game called Sattergories. If you haven’t played it, it’s a game played with a single die covered in the alphabet. Roll it and then you have only a minute to fill out a 12 question list with answers beginning with that letter. ITS SO MUCH FUN!

      • Oh my it does sound interesting. I’ve never heard of it. It could be a rather fun game to drink with aswell. I shall have to investigate. Mind you I never have anyone to play games with.
        I wonder if I should look into this as a Christmas thing seen as there’ll be people around. Hmmm….

      • It is fun with a crowd and even better with a bit of drink. Hmm, I wonder if we could find a way to play something together online!

      • I’m sure there must be an app or something. There always is tucked away somewhere. I shall play sober, just because I’m working on a streak. I’m pretty sure I can get to a full year no booze. Although it does make me sound like a recovering alcoholic. I’m Scottish there’s a difference. Ahaha!!

      • only barely!!! ha! I can act completely wasted while sober. I get natural highs when having fun

      • Well you are female, it’s a gender full of unexplained mysteries. I do get really nice social highs but I’ve not been with company since before I stopped drinking. I wonder if the drinking was a factor.

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