Project: Chain Reaction (coming soon!)

Greetings! I have an announcement! This week I, along with three of my closest and dearest friends and fellow bloggers, will be launching a writing project that I have dubbed Chain Reaction. We will be on a weekly rotation, working on a single story that will evolve as we each take a turn at controlling the reins. The interesting twist that’s going to make this a challenge is we will be assigning each other  pictures as prompts. This is going to become wickedly fun.

So! Let’s meet the cast, shall we?

Me, obviously.

My devilishly handsome husband, Eric! Many of you know his blog already. He has a knack for writing dark poetry but also has a few short stories in progress that you should definitely check out before you get too far behind! They are epic and though I’m biased, his quick rise in followers tells me I’m not alone.

Behind door number three we have the dashing muskateer, Cameron! Cam is my favorite brand of odd and has a wonderland of a blog at Hamiltonfox. If your blog is lacking sincere and thoughtful comments, Cam is the guy you need. He’s the best there is for the job. (Hey ladies, he has an accent and posts voice recordings. GO LISTEN!)

Last, but never least, my sweet friend Cara. She’s really a panda in a girl costume, or at least she wishes. She has a lovely blog called Ifpandascouldspeak. She’s madly in love with my brother so, expect lots of mushy gushy love stuff from her. Ick…not really..I’m just expected to be grossed out, ha!

Well, there you have it! We hope to see you around for the adventure! I’ll be posting soon with the first installment titled, “You’ve got mail”. Exciting!

Till then!



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