I’ve stopped the kicking and screaming

Now I’m sat in your chair

Staring at the place

Where you used to lay your hand

Wearing your shirt

It doesn’t smell like you anymore

Nothing is like you anymore

Except this hole in my chest


12 thoughts on “Gone.

    1. I was just writing to you and mentioned this. Glad you’ve already read it. It was very painful to think about. But pain is such a good little muse

      1. You don’t have to tell me, my heart breaks 3 times a day, im mired in pain and still manage to post nonsense.

        It’s a very painful piece and reading it I can feel the angst, these pieces are never nice but there’s catharsis as the author and resonated empathy from a reader. It’s a great piece!

        Writing? To me? Shhhh, don’t let the government know ๐Ÿ˜„

      2. Hey, I just visited my WP Admin page to look at the comments section and I actually had someone I read marked as pending 4 comments due to showing up as spam. I didn’t mark them as spam, not sure why WordPress decided they were. Have you checked there to see if I’m pending or spammed?

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