I used to think
(Like all near sighted do)
That everything would be
Dull shades of grey
Without you in it.

But now that three seasons
Have run their course
Since I wrote you last,
I see things properly.

I see how I wish
You were a figment
Of my imagination
Instead of staining
Every good memory I have.

It’s not that you made them good,
No no no,
It’s that without you,
They would have been better.


7 thoughts on “Hindsight

  1. Darkly beautiful. The aches of loss and the examination of a new reality. I’ve never considered that the memory would be the worthwhile piece to keep excising the person. I have many jaded memory’s because certain people were involved if I could do them again would they be better memories without that person.
    Thought provoking beautiful and brilliant piece!

      • I think that about you all the time 😂

        I know what you mean you put everything into them and it’s never known where it will go. Love is always a risk no matter who it’s for. I think you’ve really captured that confused ache rather well and a recognised view of your new reality in order to soothe the pains. It’s a great piece ❤

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