Climb to the tippy-top
Never once think to look down
The tree is far too enchanting
To worry over your way to the ground

Stay out till it’s dusky dark
Chasing and catching fireflies
Then lay in wavy grasses
Telling stories with dreamy eyes

Gaze up at the starry sky
Make a million wishes come true
These very best days of all my life
Are ones full of nonsense with you


11 thoughts on “Nonsense

    1. It shows how childlike my version of love can be..focusing more on the innocence than the passion. I’m thrilled every time you read!

      1. no no no not childlike. Innocence is a beautiful quality a lot of people lose. The fact you’ve kept it is testiment to you and your relationship. It’s wonderful!
        I’m so very please you still get thrills hearing my nonsense in comments. You clearly are quite damaged ๐Ÿ˜„

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