When I am blue
Come tickle me pink
Warm me till I’m crimson.
Your eyes so green
Look into mine so grey
Make me feel the whole color prism.

Candles flicker yellow
Dancing on sheets of white
Our shadows move in alluring blacklit
Your kiss of soft lilac
Meets mine of hard amber
Your taste like the whole color pallete

Breathe out whisps of silver
Take me up to stars of gold
The colors all blend and glow
Lick all that’s rosey
Craddle my fushia
Paint the ecstacy of our rainbow


13 thoughts on “Colors

    • Oh I’m so thrilled to see your thoughts on this!! I do very much love making lust soft and romantic. I think that is when it is most alluring. Instead of seeing the bare prize upfront, you’re mentally stripping of the clothes. Mm, this piece pleases me. I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

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