Within the Hour (Project: Chain Reaction #4)

Enjoy the next installment in Project: Chain Reaction! Next Wednesday will be my turn so stay tuned and catch up because it will be epic!

If Pandas Could Speak

chain reaction; my post

I clutched the arm rest of my chair as we soared through the air; more out of shock and unknowing than fear. We climbed upward at a steady speed; the foreboding gray clouds falling away behind us. Well, mostly gray. The craft seemed almost guided by the one pink beam of sunlight, or what I thought was sunlight, that was bursting through the dreary skyline. I gaped openly as the shoreline fell away far beneath us. Never one for heights I closed my eyes thinking back to the first time mother took me there as a young child. The smell of the ocean. Her smile as I ran to and fro collecting shells and splashing.

“Holy Shit.” I could not help but whisper as I opened my eyes. I looked from one edge of the screen to the next. Blackness as far as I could see, stars punctuating it like…

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