It’s been almost a year since we last talked.

Not that I’ve been thinking about that fact every day,

Oh God no, ha!

No, I stopped thinking about you ages ago.

I’m only writing this because I thought you might drop me one of those ‘hey it’s been a year and I’ve missed you and hope you’re doing well and maybe you’ll see this and say hi’ kind of messages and I wanted to make sure to tell you…



14 thoughts on “Bother

      1. I’m not sure if it would have ever worked on me. When people leave my life they take a little bit of my heart with them but the longer they stay away the more chance that piece won’t fit back the way it used to.
        It’s a really evokative piece that sadly too many people experience and for that very reason it burrows into your soul in that melancholy way.

  1. New look blog – very funky. Liking that. And the whole envelope thing. You’ve raised the bar….Albert’s feeling out of his depth…..he can only just email….

    1. Considering I move furniture like every month, who knows if I’ll stay with this look long.

      And Albert..he’s just a loss cause sometimes

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