Scrapbook #6

You were sitting in my father’s place at the kitchen table when I came up behind and snuck my arms around your shoulders. Judging by my mom’s sudden laughter at your shocked face, it must have been the first time you’d ever been held in such a way. And I hold you still.


12 thoughts on “Scrapbook #6

  1. I just left a trail of stalking,I think.
    And I wanted to leave an explanation so you’d know I’m not some sort of serial-stalker(though I really might be-so maybe I should say I’m not JUST some sort of serial-stalker).
    It’s been a really long time since I’ve read your blog and I love your writing more than ever.
    Something about it just hits.
    Which…explains that trail. :P

    • You have been granted permission to serial stalk my blog anytime :) I’m always happy to see you. Hope you are well!

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