Scrapbook #7

I was born nine days before Christmas. Maybe that’s why the twinkle of the lights on mama’s tree look just like the shine in my eye whenever the calendar flips over after Thanksgiving. Daddy always said winter was my season, that I blossom. So you can imagine Christmas morning- us three siblings cross legged around the tree, picking out who got the most gifts while crisping bacon smells up the house, me in full bloom. There’s something magical about how the home comes alive when the world finally closes shop. And as sacred as the family isolation is, my Christmas was never complete without that moment when the festivity settled enough for you to light up my phone, from where ever you are, wishing me a Merry Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Scrapbook #7

  1. Christmas always smells of bacon to me! It’s hard not to fall into this and identify. Maybe it’s because Christmas was always me ans my two siblings but the imagery made me see myself.
    Maybe not thr blooming though, I wilt, I always get ill.

    Utterly adorable conclusion. It’s the simplest things on a chaotic day that make you smile. I can’t remember at any time having my phone light up with the power to light me up. I’m jealous but astounded by the sheer adorability of the sentiment.

    Beautiful piece!!

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