Ode To An Impatient Pineapple

From my WordPress bestie!!!!

Cameron D Hamilton

Luk at yer wee body, squat an thick

Wi a mess o’ a mane that culd gee a fair prick

A mash o’ green an yella, yi dinny look right

But I huv tae admit yet quite the rare sight

A peculiar wee thing, yer no fae roon here

Must be fae somewhere the sun does appear

Aye yer awfa braw an a fair bit mare strange

Whoever dreamt you up is clearly deranged

So whit part are yi playin, in this fair feast

Ya exotic, tropical, spiky wee beast

Are yi just here tae luk at, or di we get a try

O’ aw yer tangy innards, once dinner is by

Yi prickly wee pest, are yi gonnae no stare

Am getting awfa tempted by yer tropical glares

Fir a center piece yer fair goin doon weel

But yer no the kind ‘o taste tae go wi this meal

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