Fellow poets!  I have an opportunity for you…

In about a month,  you are going to see a lot about a community called PresserPoets. 

I’m going to be talking about it because I made it.  And I made it for you. 

The mission of PresserPoets is to provide a single location for us WordPress poets to showcase our work,  to mingle and support one another while inviting others to our wonderful world of poetry.  Daily goals will include posting poetry in various forms (type, audio, visual), promoting the other works and media platforms of our contributors,  and challenging followers with weekly themes and prompts. My long term vision includes eventually compiling best posts of the year into a hard copy book for all of us to cherish and share. 

In addition, we will welcome the opportunity to celebrate and feature great poets outside our WordPress sphere, promoting growth and exposure to the greater world of poetry. We will therefore be open for general submissions. 

In the spirit of nurturing poets, we will be routinely featuring related articles such as basics of poetic forms and strive to highlight and share with you what’s hot in mainstream poetry. We will also promote other communities and publishing opportunities so that you can see what’s available to you as a poet, seeking recognition and profit for your talent. 

Our first month will be a soft launch of sorts,  featuring work from in-house site managers so that you can see exactly what PresserPoets is all about. Our hope is that you will enjoy what we have to offer and become excited about contributing your own work to the PresserPoets community.  

I have already began compiling a list of poets among you all that I know to be very talented and excited about poetry, with the intention to personally invite you to consider being a contributor to PresserPoets. But I invite you to go ahead and show any interest you have in the comments below.  

This community is for you so by all means,  let’s talk about what you’d like to see offered and the ways in which you would like to be involved. 

So.  Who’s pumped?!




19 thoughts on “Fellow poets!  I have an opportunity for you…

    1. I gave a brief look as I’m flying out the door and left you a comment on a wonderful piece. We’d be delighted to have you!

      1. I’ll come up with something new.
        I have my exams currently, so not posting too much.
        Also, would you mind emailing the details of this entire community and how and where will it work?

      2. I plan to send out an e-mail with submission details to all early inquiries next week. Very excited to have you!

    2. I sent you an e-mail with the formal invitation to submit to PresserPoets. Please consider it an open dialogue and let me know what information you would like to hear more about! Thanks for your interest! -J

    1. We would love to have you on board! I’ll send out an e-mail with submission details to early inquiries next week. I’m so excited that you’re interested, Matthew!

    1. Hi, nice to meet you! I love your style and would be honored to feature you. I’ll send you some information today. Looking forward to reading more of your work 😊

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