New skin

To all that read and adoringly care,

I chased something. I don’t regret it. I learned more than I ever expected, grew in ways I needed, gained friends that I know are going to be with me for life, and shed some things better to leave behind.

Endever Publishing Studios was a great run. But that’s over now. Details may eventually come out but for now it’ll suffice to say that what mattered most-the authors I’ve fallen absolutely in love with- are still family. And we’re going to do great things together.

As for me personally, I have finally found a clear vision. If you’ve been along with me for a while, you’ve seen the many changes my blog has gone through as I try to pin down my style, my voice, my purpose here.

I finally got it.

The full overhaul may take some time but I’ve gotten a good start on shaping my vision and creating this new and true image of Among Other Things, J.

I hope you will visit my homepage to check it out.

I hope you will like it.





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