PresserPoets: WordPress’ Newest (and BEST) Poetry Website…WE NEED YOU

Why write my own post when Matty flatters me with this beautiful piece 😊

It’s a new month! It’s also going on a new day as I am plowing through my list of “blogging to-do’s.” That means that my specific request that time slows down has been denied, and is, instead, moving even faster.


In recent weeks, I have been all over kingdom come here in America. Arizona to Florida to Maryland. I’ve visited an incredible amount of beautiful places and I can’t wait to share those experiences with you. I’ve taken plenty of pictures and will hopefully share those this week. My #mattytakesamerica tour was a thriving, exhausting success. I’m blessed.

I’m also rambling.

I wanted to take a quick moment and address something that is incredibly exciting! WordPress now hosts (well, in two days) the newest, and I believe the best, website completely dedicated to the art of poetry.

PresserPoets will launch July 3rd and is the creation of my friend, 

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