Scrapbook #6

First post on PresserPoets. Squee!


You were sitting in my father’s place

at the kitchen table

when I came up behind

and snuck my arms around your shoulders.

Judging by my mom’s sudden laughter

at your shocked face,

it must have been the first time you’d ever been held in such a way.

And I hold you still.

(originally posted on Among Other Things, J)

Permissions granted by ©J

Photo courtesy of Google images,edited by J

About J:

There are a lot of things in this world and among them there’s me, J. Poetry is my way of untethering and embracing the time before and beyond me, reminiscing on what has been and what might still be, all while pondering where I fit into it all.

My poetic style tends to say much with very little, though I have been known to interrupt that with short poetic prose inspired by vivid reflections upon…

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