The Life Of Karen Carpenter, In 5 Parts

Hold a gun to my head and I would still share this. Because it is that moving.


1965, Age 15

Take it from me; this life is not very hard.  You awaken.  You get out of bed and pour yourself a glass of water.  You put a list together in your scrambled mind of things to do that day.  The list should be empty.  You put on an old t-shirt; that pair of jeans with the holes in them.  Don’t forget the glove, the ball, or the bat.  
If you want to be like me, don’t let anyone tell you that a girl can’t pitch.  When you throw better than the boys on your street, smile.  When you strike out your brother, smile bigger.  When your mother berates you for getting your good clothes filthy with dirt, let her words go straight to your heart.

1970, Age 20

Take it from me; being famous is tough.  You go to sleep.  You awaken.  You get out of…

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