Is Poetic prose poetry at all?

Article written by yours truly about the difference between poetic prose and short story narrative. What do you think?


Hello all!

Tuesdays will be featuring topical articles related to the world of poetry and writing.

Here I am. The guinea pig, going first.

So let’s talk about something that has been bugging me. I think we can all agree that poetry doesn’t have to be a collection of stanzas or even rhyme. The heart of poetry is expression painted by beautifully clever imagery, allusions explaining a truth. Therefore, poetry can be in paragraphs, in pieces, in pages, in lines…anything.


After my brother sent in a submission that read more like a short story than a poem, I started questioning where that line is, that line between poetic prose and just narrative. And looking back, I realize this has been building, starting with my post “Scrapbook #6” that posted on our launch day, July 3rd. Originally, the post looked like this:

You were sitting in my father’s place at…

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