Elementary Impressions


Tucking fabric softener

fragrant sheets under her

perfect porcelain chin

I think of you

doing the same from

your place in the world

And I wonder if they know

That the monster in the closet

is the one fluffing their pillow

That the liar breaking promises

is the one making their waffles

and playing tag

That the traitor throwing knives

is the one tugging their t-ball shirt

over their head and

down their vulnerable back

They may not know it now

But they won’t be this tender forever

And by the time they see you

with knowing adult eyes

It will be too late


Permissions granted by ©J

Photo courtesy of Pexels, edited by J

About J:

There are a lot of things in this world and among them there’s me, J. Poetry is my way of untethering and embracing the time before and beyond me, reminiscing on…

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