The wind came through, carrying ash

Much like you, last November

Choking but suddenly gone in a flash,

Leaving me with much to remember

Truth be told, I don’t think of the crash

That detail has settled to ember

So why do I fight and continue to thrash

Is it defiance at the thought of surrender?

Maybe it’s the need to always rehash

Which one of us left the other dismembered

Though we both may have acted in haste, a bit brash

Neither of us deserve to be ruled by ill temper

Regardless, in the end, it was me that did out lash

You may have started the fire, but I’m the one that yelled timber

A spur of the moment collaboration with my dearest blog pal Cameron


I want a fit for every facet

Give my heart for you to clasp it

Always locked, forever fastened

But no.

We’re more like a puzzle piece

Different partner for every crease

You fit one but leave behind threes



I can picture you here,

Play out a whole reel in my head

Of how you’d enter the room

And waltz right into my soul.

But none of it is as consuming

As when you finally arrive

And I look at that face


A pretty red ribbon,

An ever so luscious ruby red ribbon,

Floated by me

Rather by surprise.

I hastened to catch it

And promptly arranged it

Into a lock of plaited hair.

Then right as it was tucked and proper

A wind stirred up

A wind that tossed my hair all a muck

So that I lost that red ribbon,

That sweet beautiful ruby ribbon.

And never found it again.

Shy little fox

I found you whimpering
In the forest all alone.
Your eyes spoke of suffering
And you cried a lost tone.
But your song was beautiful.

Who left you here?
How could they just walk away?
You’ve been taught to doubt and fear
No one, in the end, will stay.
But I’m not them.

Shy little fox, you deserve far better, see
Than all you’ve been sorely dealt.
Let me show you truest loyalty
Till it is fully known and felt.



When I am blue
Come tickle me pink
Warm me till I’m crimson.
Your eyes so green
Look into mine so grey
Make me feel the whole color prism.

Candles flicker yellow
Dancing on sheets of white
Our shadows move in alluring blacklit
Your kiss of soft lilac
Meets mine of hard amber
Your taste like the whole color pallete

Breathe out whisps of silver
Take me up to stars of gold
The colors all blend and glow
Lick all that’s rosey
Craddle my fushia
Paint the ecstacy of our rainbow


It gets so tiring

Picking and choosing my words

All I’m really desiring

Truth without someone hurt


Honesty, cliche as may be,

Is supposedly best way to go

So here’s one for you from me:

You’re happiest when you don’t know.