If I speak

Or look

In your general direction,

You tuck chin

And beg forgiveness.

But what have I done

To make you think

Supplication and pardon

Are needed

When all I’ve ever been

Is be your biggest fan

And greatest love?


No fight left

I set about

Wrestling with an Angel

Figured, if Jacob could,

Then why not me.

Bone after bone

I let him crush,

Till I could not

Bear to stand.

Lying broken

On the cold hard ground,

I hope for the blessing

But dare not believe

That it is any longer

A guarantee.


The Five Senses of Me

Talk to me like I’m glass

And you’re afraid to get cut

Touch me like I’m a corpse

And you can’t shake me awake

Listen like I’m a rerun

And give up before the punchline

Look at me like a sand castle

Fated from the beginning to drown

Taste me like I’m out of print

To gather dust and be forgotten