Scrapbook #8

I used to ride on the school bus when I was young but it had been a while since I’d been on one when you and I found seats next to each other, accidentally on purpose, making our way to our first concert together. There were loud hot voices pressing in around us but when I looked into your green apple eyes, I only heard your laugh and the way your breath caught when I leaned forward to touch your hair. All my little girl life, I knew princes won the girl by storming the castle and chasing dragons. But no one ever told me you can fall in love with the boy on the kid graffitied brown leather seat next to you.


Climb to the tippy-top
Never once think to look down
The tree is far too enchanting
To worry over your way to the ground

Stay out till it’s dusky dark
Chasing and catching fireflies
Then lay in wavy grasses
Telling stories with dreamy eyes

Gaze up at the starry sky
Make a million wishes come true
These very best days of all my life
Are ones full of nonsense with you