One day,
you will get a wild urge to clean your attic.
You will be coughing on dust,
opening boxes you don’t remember.
That’s when you will find this old photograph.
You will stand still.
You will barely breathe.
You will trace the sharpie scribbled
‘I love you’
with a arthritic weathered finger.
You will close your eyes,
And though it’s 50 years later,
you will want to go back.

Since I saw you last…

My hair is longer

My waist is smaller

I’ve become a vegetarian

(You’d probably laugh real hard at that one)

I don’t talk as much

I feel harder



Miles away

I still look for you

as stupid as that may be

(but I guess crazier things have happened)

Can’t help but hate you a little

Because I love you a lot