My place in this world

One day I tried
(and oi, did I try)
To find where I do belong.
It started out fine
(I thought at the time)
But boy did it go so wrong.

I tried a fine chair
(that comfy one there)
To find it was too soft.
I thought it be posture
(tried sitting a bit loftier)
But I found for me it was not.

I tried a porch swing
(that neglected old thing)
To find it squeaked too loud.
I covered my ear
(so I could not hear)
But it did nothing to cover the sound.

I tried going to bed
(to clear my worried head)
Only now I was frazzled so.
I tossed and I turned
(my legs itched and burned)
Laying there was a defnite no.

What could I do?
(oh how I wish I knew)
To find a place I could stay.
I began to cry and pout
(pointless, no doubt)
But it comforted me in a way.

Then I found arms
(and warmth in my heart)
They circled around me tight.
I thawed and I melted
(for then I had felt it)
Your embrace fit me just right.