Coming alight

I’m used to the dank dark corners in this old empty house of a soul, the dust gathered in places that used to be filled with life.  

But I’m not used to this tiny flickering flame of a candle I have only just found, deep within this closet of a heart. It’s not enough to light the next room over, though it’s just enough to spark.  


Fear (however irrational)

He opened the University letter with shaky hands, whispering incoherent desperate pleas that this be good news. And it was. With a grin, he phoned his mom. There were words of congratulations exchanged and lots of well wishing but somewhere in between “what are you going to do next” and “wow, it’s all really happening”, he heard a sniffle. He turned and saw his wife choking on dreadful looking sobs, holding out a plastic stick with a little pink plus sign. So naturally, he tossed the Uni letter into the fire place and drank a bottle of whiskey as he watched himself die.



One day,
you will get a wild urge to clean your attic.
You will be coughing on dust,
opening boxes you don’t remember.
That’s when you will find this old photograph.
You will stand still.
You will barely breathe.
You will trace the sharpie scribbled
‘I love you’
with a arthritic weathered finger.
You will close your eyes,
And though it’s 50 years later,
you will want to go back.

Since I saw you last…

My hair is longer

My waist is smaller

I’ve become a vegetarian

(You’d probably laugh real hard at that one)

I don’t talk as much

I feel harder



Miles away

I still look for you

as stupid as that may be

(but I guess crazier things have happened)

Can’t help but hate you a little

Because I love you a lot


Pizza. By Emma.


(AN: This story was 100% dictated to me by my three year old daughter. She wanted to write a story. And so she did.)

Once upon a time there was a pizza. It was a pepperoni pizza. And it had a kid, named Jack. Jack is a boy. Jack eats the real pizza and he eats it and never lets it go again.

The end.

Wait! It’s not the end yet! He had a son and he went to his Nana’s. Okay we’re done. They lived happily ever after.

The end.


It occurs to me
(always at the
most random of times)
that my days
of missing you
are far from over

And I still
can’t figure out
how exactly
I feel about that

What I didn’t know


I knew there would be white
I knew you’d be waiting for me
I knew there would be words
And rings

But what I didn’t know was where you and the guys were hiding to get ready, how many times Brittany would start crying because her two very best friends in the world were getting married to each other, the shade of red I would turn when it was my turn to come through the door to walk down the aisle and dad had to tell me to breathe, the slam into my stomach when everyone stood up and looked my way and it got real so fast, the tears I couldn’t stop when I wrapped myself around mom before I came to stand by you, happy happy happy everywhere in everything you said, the way you held my hands and I kept twitching them to calm us down, the pride and joy in your dad’s eye to be the one to lead us through our vows, the air that came into my lungs when we kissed and it was a done deal, the food we never ate because we were too excited, necks we hugged, bird seed I specifically told no one to throw but your uncle did anyways, the way that same seed fell to our bedroom floor with my dress, the way you’d possess me and make me yours…

And the way I’d remember this like it was yesterday.

June 11 2011