Oh Bluebeard

I ran from fate

Only to be fated still.

The yellow curled pages of your tale

Strewn over a rose covered mattress.

But like Gretel eating a shingle,

I still eat what’s cursed.

I was promised sex on the beach

But Ursula sang me a lullaby

Waves peel the scales from my eyes,

Lightening strikes my wooden nose-

Afire with no phoenix hope.

This swine built with straw.

Plunge me into dreamless sleep,

A hundred years might save me.

The Apple not poison but reprieve.

I’ll prick my skin head to toe,

Be your spindle lover

Should it spare me

The curse of stealing,

My not so true, love’s first kiss.

Place me among your dolls,

Your trophy and sin.

But place me carefully

As you did the one with ruby slippers.

Give me purpose

Once you eat my ginger heart.

I followed that feeling,

No warning in your Cheshire purr.

Death feels like wedding bells.

Oh lay me down

Dress me in your satin lies

My glass coffin spell has shattered

Vain mirror screams-

“How beautiful art thou slipper,

When better placed on me.”

Oh my Bluebeard,

It’s time to leave me be.


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