Come closer

I hold my stomach to keep myself from falling apart.

I might be here but my heart is there, with you.

And I’m afraid the gravity of your love is ripping me to pieces.

My mind keeps my feet planted but I feel the pull

My heart, miles away, summons me.

It plays my song…

You’re my Clair de Lune.


11 thoughts on “Come closer

    • I’m so incredibly disappointed that WordPress didn’t alert me to your comment until just now. Your comment is the most moving I’ve read thus far because you really get me. You get that my words are raw meat from my chest, touched by something all too real. Thank you for seeing me.

      • The feeling is extremely real and wasn’t pleasant at the time..but that’s the beauty of pain- it’s an incredible inspiration. What you call talent, I’d call hard experience. Or maybe I do have talent, I don’t know, I’m horrible at embracing praise, ha! I enjoy your comments and your work as well.

      • We all go through our own troubles. That you lived it is sad, but you write it very well. I understand your hesitations on accepting praise. I’m the same. Thought I haven’t lived every story I tell, I’ve felt what they evoke in some manner. 💕

      • We can’t avoid trouble so it’s a very wonderful gift to be able to use trouble to make something beautiful.

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