Process of Friendship

Two became four

And then more

Until me and you

Became a group of us


But life is better versed

In division than the other

Pushing us further

Till only you and I remain



Two in the north

Two as far west as possible

Several still within state

But rarely accessible


Found one more devoted

But all the way in Scotland

Keeping us remote and forgotten

And ultimately




11 thoughts on “Process of Friendship

  1. This is beautiful but tragic. Having friends that you adore is often harder than having family.
    Family is there no matter the distance. But friends. you choose them. family can annoy and you need time out but a good friend is someone you want to lavish attention on.
    It’s wondeful to watch your circle grow and know you have people to entertain and be entertained by. As long as you love they’ll always come around. The true process of friendship is thr acceptance of patience

    on another note your Scottish friend sound horrid. why dont they just move. I think you should really reconsider that friendship.

    • I know, not sure that bloke is worth the trouble ;)

      The tragedy of friendship, like many things in life, is that there are always really good seasons and the connection after that never quite lives up to that same level of sweetness.

      • I have to disagree. I think that there are moments that stand out more but they’re on going. Friendships come in waves of memorable moments. I truly belive that the sweetness always remains.

        As for your friend. I’d get rid of him. if he refuses to move just cut him loose 😄

      • Ya know, it is kind of magical how you can drift from someone and then they come back and you relate in a way you never could before and you create sweeter moments you never expected.

      • I’ve never had anyone I’ve drifted from come back to me. I hold on to the people I care for. it’s a very short list.
        I get what you mean though. it would be very sweet if it were to happen.

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